We would like to take a minute and thank, from the bottom of our hearts, every one of you for listening to our music, and being a part of what was an absolutely amazing journey for all of us.  We will all be forever grateful to all of you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of something truly fantastic.  We currently have no plans to perform together, but you can still purchase many high quality soundboard and matrix recordings of U-Melt shows, including the final performance at the Highline Ballroom in New York City from November 26, 2010 at livedownloads.com.  Additionally, our three studio albums can be purchased on iTunes or at amazon.com... And of course, you can stream and download more than 150 shows for free on the Live Music Archive.  We hope that you continue to enjoy our music and share it with your friends.  In the upcoming months, we'll be releasing some of our favorite recordings from our archives, so If you haven't already, please sign up for our mailing list and we will inform you of new releases, and of new projects from the members of U-Melt.

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Perfect World

Perfect WorldU-Melt's brand new studio release is now available from Harmonized Records!
What they're saying:

Jambase.com: "Being honest, the vast majority of studio work from bands in the jam sphere are pretty weak, a pale (if totally earnest) shadow of their live mojo. But, there are happy exceptions like Perfect World (released February 23), a well executed, emotionally honest modern rock set with tendrils into jazz-fusion, electronica, pop and the early '70s art-rock of Deep Purple and Yes." 

Glide Magazine:  "What do you get when you combine large doses of jam, untz and prog with a dash of Broadway? Look no further than U-Melt’s latest album – and first for Harmonized Records – Perfect World. The group’s third studio album shows off the strong songwriting unorthodox harmonies and instrumental prowess that are the hallmark of U-Melt’s sound." 

Jambands.com radio charts - A Perfect Word for U-Melt

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